“aiir” is for “Art is in Residence”

My passion is art, and for most of my career I have been fortunate enough to earn a living doing fine custom picture framing. It is an honor for me to see a clients face after he or she entrusts me with their art and relies on my framing design. The reward is witnessing their gratitude on completion day. Custom picture framing is truly the finishing touches of any tangible art. Most of us have tons of files on our computer filled with JPGS or RAW photographic files. It is my desire to see those printed and then properly framed and enjoyed upon one’s wall. After all, what pleasure is there having magnificent images stored where you can’t enjoy them? Granted, custom picture framing is expensive and is no doubt considered a “luxury” expense, but I believe that if your image is important enough to bring to me and inquire about my services, there is definitely a way we can make it work so you can enjoy it every day, upon your walls.

In addition to framing and photography, my eye has been steered upon a new adventure, DSLR video. It all started from a single wedding I attended and I noticed some guys behind what seemed to me at the time, a couple of nice Canon SLR’s. To my surprise, these guys were recording and documenting the couples special day in HD format.

Since then, I have done extensive review and I am slowly building my equipment in hopes to continue the creativity long after the shutter button has been released.

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