A couple time-lapses

Seems like everyone is experimenting with time lapse video these days, why not try it myself. Here are a couple of examples of some test time lapses.

I thought it would be interesting to capture a plant when it drinks. We have been buying lots of plants from Home Depot and this little guy drinks a lot! When it’s thirsty (as I guess most plants do) the leaves are droopy and it almost looks dead. Here is what it looks like when you water it, and then film and wait.

I liked this angle because you really get some good shadows from the sun as it moves across the sky. In addition you get the cool clouds and since it had just rained, the wet pavement evaporates in this time lapse.

I am definitely no expert on time lapse photography and I share a mutual frustration when creating these because it seems like these videos are extremely choppy. I am wondering if I add motion blur to it if that will soften the transition of each image producing a smoother video. Hmmm, not sure.

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